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Building use

The following policies apply to all users of the facilities of Bethany Christian Church. Worship and other BCC ministry events in the life of the church have first claim on facilities. Otherwise, our facilities are available for use by members, civic and community organizations, schools, and private individuals as a service to the community.
All groups or individuals that wish to reserve space for non-BCC-sponsored events must agree to the following policies.

Reserving Space

Reservations for both BCC and non-BCC groups are made with the office. Submissions are reviewed at regular staff meetings for coordination on the church calendar. You will receive a confirmation from the Church office when your request is approved.

  • Recurring events must be resubmitted annually for approval.

  • Events may only be scheduled at times approved by church staff.

    • Events must conclude by 9:00 p.m.

  • Please use only the rooms, areas, and equipment that you have reserved.

  • Please honor the start and end times of your reservation.

  • Please include setup and takedown time in your reservation.

  • In emergency situations, events may have to be relocated or rescheduled.

Room Setup/Take down

  • BCC provides room set-up and takedown for Church sponsored events only. Other users may contact the Church office about the availability of church staff assistance for setup/takedown. Groups using such assistance will incur an additional charge.

  • Setup requirements, whether setup is done by church staff or not, should be noted on the BCC Event Request Form.

  • Furniture should not be removed from other rooms without consulting with the Church office.

  • Please do not drag tables, chairs, or heavy equipment across any floors.

  • If you make any messy trash, please bag and take the trash with you so that it does not sit exposed all night or weekend. You are welcome to toss the trash into the larger dumpster on the lefthand side in the back of the parking lot.

  • Please leave your area clean. If your area is not found to be clean after use, there will be a clean up fee charge.

  • All furniture must be returned to the original configuration. If a diagram is displayed on the back of the room door, such configuration is the original configuration.

Common areas

  • When multiple events occur simultaneously, please respect all groups’ use of the building common areas.

  • Please use only the common areas near your reserved space, including bathrooms. 

  • Please clean up after use.

Keys and Security

  • Each regularly scheduled after-hours group will designate a key/access card holder. If the key or access card is lost, there will be a replacement fee charged to the designated key or access card holder of $25.00 for each.

  • The key or card holder is responsible for receiving training on the security system and signing a security agreement with the Church office before receiving any keys or access cards..

Sound & Media Systems

  • For events requiring audio / video, the systems must be operated by an approved and trained BCC Sound & Media Operator. There will be an additional charge for use of the church’s A/V systems.

  • BCC sound & media equipment may not be taken off-site for non-BCC use.

  • Any expenses required to repair or replace sound and media systems will be charged to the group responsible.


  • Organ use may be coordinated through the church office and must be approved by the Director of Music.

  • Nothing in the chancel may be moved except by church staff. This includes the piano, music stands, microphones, and altar table. Please discuss any proposed moves with the Church office before your event.

  • Any expenses required to repair or replace items in the Sanctuary will be charged to the group responsible.


  • Due to licensing, the kitchen is not available for non-BCC sponsored events.

  • All kitchen users must be trained on the proper, safe use of the kitchen and the equipment

Food & Drink

  • Catered events through a third party require the approval of the Church office. Caterers must provide proof of liability insurance.

  • No alcoholic beverages of any kind may be brought on to the premises.

  • No red drinks should be used on carpeted areas.

  • No food or drink is allowed in the Sanctuary.

Outdoor Events

  • Outdoor events may not be amplified or additionally lighted without approval by the Church office.

  • Please respect all landscaping.

  • User is responsible for knowledge of and compliance with all applicable noise limits.

  • Groups are responsible for cleanup and all trash must be removed after the event. If the property is not found to be clean after use, there will be a cleaning fee assessed.

Other Policies

  • Smoking is not permitted in the church.

  • If you adjust the thermostat during your use, please return it to Heat maximum 55, or Cooling maximum of 78.

  • No confetti, straw, hay, rice, gum, or similar type supplies can be used anywhere on the property.

  • All messes should be cleaned up immediately to avoid stains and permanent damage on carpeting and hard floors.

  • Damage to furniture, equipment, building or any other problems including maintenance needs should be reported to the Church office the next business day. Cost to repair damages will be paid by the user.

  • Use only blue painter’s tape to affix temporary items to the walls. Thumbtacks, pushpins, scotch/masking/other tape, staples are not allowed.

  • Please turn lights off in rooms when finished.

Use Fees

  • Fees will be charged to all groups using the building except church sponsored groups.

  • Fees are to be paid before the start of the event.

  • Fees may be adjusted at the church’s discretion.

  • Fees can be mailed to or dropped off at the church office or processed online via the church website by clicking "Donate" on the main menu.

  • When donating online, use the "Other...please indicate" line and specify "Building Use: GROUP NAME" and the amount owed. Payment options include checking or savings account direct debit, credit cards, or debit cards.

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