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Adult Ministries

* Apostles Coffee Group meets every Friday morning at 9:30 am for coffee and donuts, fellowship and outreach.


* People of the Covenant meet Monday afternoons at 1:00 pm for study, prayer, and writing notes for the nurturing of

                                                    congregational members.

Bethany Disciples Women supports and encourages women to use their talents and gifts for the work of the church both locally and                                                                 globally. 

* Priscilla Group meets at 1:30pm on the second Wednesday of the month in Fellowship Hall

* Explorations is an adult discussion group that meets each Thursday, 10:00 am, in the Cotner Room.                                                                                                                            Explorations provide opportunities for learning about beliefs and practices of different faiths and cultures and to                                                                build  bridges that make our community and world rich in compassion. 


* Green Chalice Group - The purpose of the Green Chalice Program is to encourage and assist those who wish to live out their                                                                              faith by caring for creation. 

                                                      As children of God and followers of Christ Jesus, we covenant to:

  •  Worship God with all creation and pray for the healing of the earth.

  •  Study the climate crisis and engage others in climate solutions.

  •  Repent and forgive for the harm we have inflicted on the earth that sustains life.

  •  Advocate for ecojustice public policies and witness by living sustainable lifestyles.

  •  Rest in God’s good creation and invite others to delight in nature.

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