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Ash Wednesday and the Lenten Season

Wednesday, February 22 at 7 pm, Bethany Christian Church will host the Ash Wednesday service for all the Disciples of Christ churches in Lincoln. Maundy Thursday will be hosted by Edenton Christian Church and Good Friday will be hosted by South Pointe Christian Church. 

This Lenten season we will be using a digital devotional Into the Wild, a family friendly devotional on Henri Matisse and the Season of Lent. The Season of Lent is a walk into the wild, a 40-day adventure filled with wild beasts, wild love, beauties, challenges, visions - and bold, bright colors.

In this family-friendly Lenten devotional full of Scripture, art, and activities, we take this adventure with Henri Matisse, on of the most daring and beloved artists in modern history. From his childhood in northern France to what he called his "masterpiece," the Chapel of the Rosary in Vence, Matisse explored faith and wildness throughout his life. 

He once said he liked to pray with a pencil: "At the moment I go every morning to say my prayers, pencil in hand; I stand in front of a pomegranate tree covered in blossom, each flower at a different stage, and I watch their transformation... filled with admiration for the work of God. Is this not a way of praying?"


Art Show

In conjunction with our Lenten there, we will be displaying artwork by Glenda Dietrich Moore!

"Spirit Meditations"

Mixed Media Artwork by Glenda Dietrich Moore

This group of paintings was executed over a 2 to 3 year time period

as I sought to give visual expression to my personal, yet universal sense of the Spirit.

While painting mainly with watercolor on paper, I've added metallic paints and inks

to depict that which belongs to the Transcendental. I enjoyed the surprises and

learnings that occurred in the creative and reflective processes. 

I have titled this show "Spirit Meditations" to allow for the viewer's own spiritual

experience, responses, and meditations. May you slow down, inhale, and hear the

Spirit's invitations.

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